2/366 – Music connects souls


I was once asked to define EDM (Electronic Dance Music), one of my many favorite music genres. The answer was pretty straightforward but I truly believe in it’s applicability to any kind of music. Music is people expressing themselves, together in synergy with one another. There are two parts to that definition, and I wouldn’t give either one more weightage than the other. It doesn’t matter what kind of music we choose to listen to. Both you and I listen to whatever we can connect with or more importantly, want to connect with. The music either reminds us of an experience and brings back those feelings, sad or happy, doesn’t matter. Or it gives us hope, of a brighter future and in a few moments of surreal pleasure, we forget about the past and any anxieties of the future. But the real kick comes out of enjoying this music with at least one other person. A similar taste in music is an instant connection between two souls. Because a small part of you is imbibed in that piece of music, which is now a window into your soul for all those who listen to it.

Today was a very fulfilling day for me, musically. After the long due purchase of an above average phone, I rode my bike to work plugged in to some of my favorite dubstep songs. A word of caution though, to try it at your own risk. Dubstep has a reputation. That feeling of being free, without a care in the world was something I had forgotten after many months of monotonous travel to and fro work. It almost gave me the motivation to get through work in anticipation of the ride home. I now look forward to keeping my phone up to date with music. I can safely say that this is my favorite part of the day, for now.

A couple of weeks ago I also decided to spend a majority of my Saturday morning creating a playlist on 8tracks.com. I must say it was a lot harder than I had hoped it to be. Nevertheless, after carefully choosing, downloading, picking and finally arranging the tracks in a very specific order, I was pleased. Today the playlist has over a thousand listens and has been tagged with a Gold status, which imply what connotations, I am not entirely sure. It was somehow far more satisfying than I had imagined, knowing that there are others out there who share a love for what you thought was a niche taste in music. I definitely plan on creating more playlists but it is something I believe cannot be rushed through. It would defeat the purpose of my interest.

So from my soul to yours, here’s a little bit of me. http://8tracks.com/kirsten-raymond/a-triplist-from-my-soul-to-yours

Yours truly,



1/366 – To a new beginning


I begin today with a new hope, of what I do not know.

I was inspired by a stranger, now an acquaintance, but a likely good friend. You can witness first hand this inspiration and the fruits of her labor here, http://rohinikejriwal.blogspot.in/

To write everyday is my goal, to log my thoughts is my purpose. Putting pen to paper, or rather (thankfully) finger to keyboard, has always been an elixir that I used conveniently to satisfy an inherent need to solidify my beliefs. I want to change that. I want to write because I am inspired. And to write everyday I will need to find ways to inspire myself, everyday. In pursuit of this happiness I want to try new things, meet new people, and experience experiences.  How I am going to do all of this, only time shall tell.

So wish me luck on this new journey, and come along if you’d like!

With optimism and belief,